Archive: Nov 2013

Emergency Closure Arrangements

We have reached that time of year when weather forecasters start warning about snow. Sometimes, snow or other exceptional circumstances, such as a power cut or heating failure, mean that we will have to consider closing the Academy. Thankfully, such occasions are very rare, but I thought it would be useful to summarise below the Academy’s procedures for your future reference.

In the event of exceptional circumstances as outlined above, I as Principal will make an assessment about whether it is safe and practical to open the Academy to students, as early as possible. Please be assured that although every effort will be made to keep the Academy open, the safety of your child/ren is the primary concern. We need to ensure that we have sufficient numbers of staff to provide adequate cover for supervising students in line with Health & Safety requirements. In circumstances where staff, particularly those who have to travel a distance, are not able to get here on time, if at all, then our options in order to try and minimise inconvenience for parents and students, might be to:-

• Open as normal } after school activities may be cancelled.
• Open late at 10am } after school activities may be cancelled.
• Close the Academy.

Click here to view the full emergency closure arrangements document.