Archive: Nov 2017

Alternative Curriculum Day 21st November 2017

Our students have been busy taking part in one of our regular Alternative Curriculum Days. They have been enjoying a range of activities and workshops that will support them in their studies and beyond. These days help our students to achieve their potential by supporting their well-being and tackling issues that can affect their ability to learn. Year 7 have been getting to know one another better by working as teams to solve problems, they have learnt about staying healthy and have had the opportunity to celebrate themselves. Year 8 have addressed topics such as bullying, E-Cigarettes and British Values whilst Year 9 have tackled mental health, forced marriage and identity. Year 10 have been given the opportunity to discuss issues arising from gambling, hate crime and teen pregnancy. They have also been supported in developing their revision practices, as have Year 11 who have learnt about a range of revision methods that they can apply across all subjects in order to prepare them for their upcoming exams. Careers has been a common theme throughout the day with Year 7 focusing on their personal skills, Year 9 have researched jobs that they aspire to do and Year 10 have heard from representatives from the world of work to explain to them the value of Work Experience.

Y11 Parents’ Briefing / Post 16 Evening

Our Year 11 Parents’ Briefing / Post 16 evening will take place at the Academy on Thursday, 23rd November. Please register in reception no later than 5:15pm contact for further information