Our Vision

Castle Hall will be the Academy of choice, where everyone will have the opportunity, the support and the encouragement to flourish and succeed.

We will achieve our vision by:

  • Placing students at the heart of everything we do
  • Being an exciting academy with innovative approaches to learning;
  • Ensuring our practice reflects our inclusive ethos;
  • Creating the environment in which every single person will be offered the opportunity to develop the attitudes, skills and knowledge required to have strong personal confidence and self-esteem;
  • Seeing Castle Hall Academy not only as a building but as a community.

This is the basis for everything we do.

Our Values

Ambition: We will continually strive to achieve excellent performance.

Equality: We will value and treat all of our people and their talents equally.

Creativity: We will develop our thinking through creative and innovative ideas.

Sense of Belonging: We will build a sense and spirit of community.

Honesty: We will pride ourselves in developing honesty and truthfulness.

Self-Respect: We will improve self-confidence and performance by encouraging mutual respect.

“Shared commitment and valuing relationships”

Excellence is our language

Castle Hall Academy was one of the first schools in the country to become a Specialist Language College, and we are proud of our work in this field.

All students study French and either German or Spanish during their first three years at Castle Hall.

All students must then continue with one language in Key Stage 4 and many choose to study two languages. In addition to French, German or Spanish, we offer Japanese and Italian as additional languages. We are also exploring the introduction of new and community languages into our Key Stage 4 curriculum in order to prepare our students for life in the global community.

We employ native speakers of French, German, Spanish and Japanese to assist teaching staff in the delivery of high quality learning.

Foreign visits and exchanges are a strength of the Academy with four or five trips every year, enabling students to gain first-hand experience of using their languages in ‘real life’ settings.

Many local primary school children benefit from our outreach teaching in their schools.