PSHE & Citizenship

Welcome to The Aspire Programme at Castle Hall Academy, where we deliver Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) and Citizenship education.

In order to deliver our PSHE and Citizenship curriculum in an exciting and dynamic way, we currently take the whole academy off normal timetable for six days of the year. During these six days, while following the guidance from PSHE Association, students undertake a planned programme of PSHE and Citizenship activities.

On each day, each year group will focus on different topics and in addition to the planned PSHE and Citizenship curriculum delivered by Form Tutors, we also invite specialist teams into the academy in order to involve our students in a variety of workshops, seminars and theatre projects. In addition, students also visit different faith centres.

PSHE and Citizenship education helps children and young people to identify, celebrate and manage the many personal, economic and social challenges they may face not only at school but also in the future. Through PSHE and Citizenship education, children and young people should acquire and extend the knowledge and skills they need, as they and their communities grow and change, so that they can be safe, healthy and economically secure.

Our Aspire Programme days are very successful in engaging students in a variety of ways, including our use of external agencies and guest speakers, which include:-

  • From the police who deliver topics to each year group ranging from personal safety to
    gang culture;
  • Also from the police, an Internet Safety Police Officer;
  • A local guide dog trainer with her guide dog;
  • Trading Standards, who deliver topics on consumer law and healthy eating;
  • DOVE’s B-eat campaign team who raise various issues and help to improve self-esteem;
  • A serving prison officer;
  • The British Transport Police;
  • Guests from local colleges and universities;
  • Representatives from the British Red Cross;
  • Local bank managers, who teach money and banking skills;
  • Kirklees Active Leisure who look at issues concerning the mind, exercise, nutrition and diet,
  • and many more representatives from all sections of the community, who help us provide our students with these fantastic opportunities.

We hope these days will encourage students to think more carefully about the choices they make and the impact they can have on their communities.

We are a PSHE Charter school with a speciality in Citizenship.