Snapchat Safety Center
How Kids Can Safely Use Snapchat


We take e-safety very seriously at Castle Hall Academy and appreciate you taking the time to report any issue.

What is e-safety?

Ofsted describes e-safety as a school’s ability to protect and educate pupils and staff in their use of technology as well as having appropriate mechanisms in place to intervene and support any incident where appropriate. 


Protecting students means providing a safe learning environment. This can be done through controlling what students have access to whilst at school. In order to stay safe online outside of school, both students and parents must be educated in this area.​​​​​​​


It is important to be educated in the following areas when using online services.

Social Networking - Undertsanding the different social networking tools and using them safely.

Online Behaviour - Understanding how to interact online and behave safely.

Digital Footprint - Understanding the impact of your online actions.

Viruses/Hacking - Understanding what actions may leave you vulnerable to hacking or viruses.

Online Knowledge - Understanding what to do in the event of an online issue such as cyber-bullying.

Who can I talk to?

Need to talk to someone? 

O2 Online Support Helpline

Sometimes it's easier to talk about a problem. 

That's 02 have set up a helpline, to answer any questions you or your child might have about staying safe online.


Whether you're after techy advice on things like:

Information about an app or service in general

Privacy setting on apps

Parental controls on your wifi


Or want help with more personal matters such as:

How to stop online bullying

What to do about who your child's messaging

How to talk about sexting.

Whatever you're worried about, big or small, give O2 a call on 0808 800 5002 for free, seven days a week.