Modern Foreign Languages

We believe that Modern Foreign Languages will encourage students to develop an awareness of, and a respect for languages and cultures other than their own and engender a positive attitude and mutual respect towards speakers of foreign languages. Students will also be encouraged to develop their understanding of themselves and their own culture and develop linguistic and social skills which will enable them to survive and succeed in both familiar and unfamiliar situations.

There are many departmental aims these are just a sample:

  • To maintain and/or stimulate lasting curiosity, interest and enjoyment in the chosen Modern Foreign Languages.
  • To enable each student to achieve his/her potential in a variety of situations, using all available resources appropriately.
  • To develop the ability to use the chosen Modern Foreign Language effectively for purposes of practical communication.
  • The department has also been involved in a number of events, activities and trips.

We currently offer French, German and Spanish to all students in KS3. In Year 7 all students study French.  Half of the Year group also study Spanish with the other half studying German.

Units of work in KS3 include:

Year 7

Expo 1

Myself, family and friends

School life

House and Home

Where I live

Daily routine


Year 8

Expo 2

Myself, family and friends

The world of work

Free time

Clothes and shops

Young people in France

Food and drink

Travel and Tourism

In KS4 all students continue with at least one language with the opportunity to study a second language.


Me, my family and friends

Home, town, neighbourhood and region

My studies

Free-time activities – sport, music and cinema

Food and eating out

Customs and festivals

Our Educational Visits programme offers all students the opportunity to experience European life and culture. Year 7 have the opportunity to go to Paris, Year 8 to Berlin and Year 9 to Spain.

Castle Hall Academy is delighted to host Foreign Language Assistants from French, German and Spanish speaking countries.

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Subject Staff

Head of Faculty

  • Mrs J Keenan

Teaching Staff

  • Miss F Riley

  • Mrs A Orchard

  • Mrs A Spiers