PE, Performance and Health


The learning and undertaking of physical education contribute to achievement of the curriculum aims for all young people to become:

  • Successful learners who enjoy making progress and achieving.
  • Confident individuals who are able to live safe, healthy lives.
  • Responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society

At Castle Hall, PE develops students’ confidence to take part in a wide range of physical activities in and out of the academy. The high quality curriculum enables all students to enjoy and succeed in many kinds of physical activity. The students will develop a wide range of skills, and the ability to use tactics, strategies and compositional ideas to perform successfully. In lessons, they are encouraged to analyze performance and make decisions, also devoloping strategies to improve their own performance or that of others. As a result, they discover the confidence to participate in physical activities and learn about the value of a healthy active lifestyle

PE helps the students develop personally and socially. They work as individuals or in teams and develop concepts of fairness and social responsibility. They take on different roles including those of coaches and officials. Through a range of PE experiences, they learn how to be effective in competitive, creative and challenging situations.

KS3 Activities all students have 4 lessons per fortnight. During the 2 years they will have blocks of lessons on the following:

Boys – Football,  Rugby,  Cricket,  Athletics,  Tennis,   Table Tennis, Gymnastics and Health Related Fitness

Girls – Netball, Tag Rugby, Football, Lacrosse, Uni Hockey, Gymnastics, Dance, Rounders, Cricket, Athletics and Health Related Fitness.

KS4 Activities 4 lessons per fortnight. All the sports above will be revisited and the additional activities will also be part of the curriculum.

Boys – Basketball, Sport Education,  Australian Rules, Football and Softball

Girls – Basketball, Aerobics and Softball

In year 11 there is an opportunity to visit Huddersfield Sports Centre for a 6 week block transport provided.

Activities – Badminton  and Fitness

PE can be taken as an exam option; the current course offered is AQA Technical Award in Sport.

It consists of 3 units

Unit 1 Practical Player Performance (internally assessed) 30%

Students are assessed in 2 sporting activities. It is essential that all students who opt for the course play sport out of curriculum time in an organised competitive situation.

Unit 2 Coaching (internally assessed) 30%

All students will coach, officiate or organise a sport/event of their choice.

Unit 3 The Sports Industry (externally assessed) 40%

1 hour 30 min written exam 80 marks

The areas they are assessed in:

Health, Physical Fitness & Safety

Contemporary issues in Sport

Local & National organisation of Sport

Careers in physical activity in Sport.

Performance - Music

Music is a powerful, unique form of communication that can change the way young people think, feel and act. It brings together intellect and imagination and enables personal expression, reflection and emotional development. Music education at Castle Hall aims to develop students’ ability to appreciate, compose and perform a wide variety of music.

Units of work in KS3 include:

Year 7

  • Rhythm work on ‘Blue Bins’
  • Singing
  • Graphic Scores
  • Major and Minor chords
  • Accompaniment Styles
  • Music for adverts

Year 8

  • Reggae
  • Variations
  • Musicals
  • Fairground music
  • Songs and their styles
  • Country and Western

Year 9

  • Pop performance 1
  • The Blues
  • Film Music
  • Mood and Atmosphere
  • Pop performance 2

At KS4 we follow the Eduqas specification for GCSE Music and the Edexcel specification for GCSE Drama.

Students study 3 areas of

Performance – Students perform a solo piece of their choice and an ensemble piece also their choice

Composition – Students compose 2 pieces of music in a style of their choice

Listening and Appraising – Students listen to 12 set works from Classical to Modern music.

Instrumental lessons - We have visiting instrumentalist teachers from Kirklees Music School including:

  • Brass lessons
  • Piano lessons
  • Woodwind lessons
  • Percussion lessons
  • Guitar lessons

Performance - Drama

Young people are natural actors. Drama at Castle Hall aims to unleash their creativity and build up their confidence. In drama lessons students use dramatic techniques, including work in-role to explore ideas and texts. They also create, share and evaluate ideas and understanding through drama. This helps children think about the ‘who, why, where, and when’ elements of stories, events, and their everyday experiences. Drama helps children develop a creative perspective on life and gives them freedom of expression. Drama is taught to all at KS3 and they can choose to study GCSE Drama in KS4. There is also a popular Drama Club which makes a valuable contribution to extra-curricular performing arts events.

Health - Health & Social Care

What does this subject involve?

Health and Social Care allows students to explore and develop their knowledge in the processes of Health and Social Care. Health and Social Care encourages students to understand aspects of personal development across all ages. Pupils will develop knowledge on early years, abuse and neglect and discover ways to help and support clients.

Why should I choose this subject?

Choosing this course will help you to develop and extend your knowledge on human development, coping with life events and job roles and skills of Health and Social Care Workers such as Social Worker, Health Visitor and Public Services workers. The course will enable you to learn how to care for, look after and support people in need. It will help develop your leadership, counselling and advising skills which can be transferred across all subjects.

What skills will I need to succeed in this subject?

Students will need the drive to do well and succeed as this is a new subject which is introduced at Year 10. They need to be able to use their imagination and creativity to complete a variety of different tasks. Pupils need to have a high level of maturity as some topics covered can be personal and sensitive. Pupils need to be able to work in a group as well as individually.

Course Assessment

60% coursework and 40% exam

Where could this subject take me in the future?

There are many different Health and Social Care careers and jobs which this course can help you gain knowledge and experience for. It can open a wide range of avenues in terms of Career prospects. This course can take you onto a Level three course at college or sixth form, including Child Care and Social Work.

Who can I talk to for more information

Mr Lindley, Mrs McGill, Mrs Tremere, Mrs Jefferson

Subject Staff

Head of Faculty

  • Mr M Lindley

Teaching Staff

  • Mrs J Tremere

  • Miss A McGill

  • Mr A Parsons

  • Miss M Griffiths

  • Mrs R Duguid

  • Mrs K Simons

  • Mrs S Jefferson