Sims to Parent Setup for Parents

Before you start, some points to note;
- It’s a 2 stage process - you are required to register first and then install the SIMS Parent App on your smart
phone or device (or just use the website, if you prefer)
- Close all other windows during the registration process
- Any usernames/passwords will relate to the account you are using to register for the app (so whatever you
set up when you created your facebook/twitter/google/Microsoft/etc account)

Step 1

Registration Instructions:
Open the invitation email
that was sent from to the email
address you have provided us.
Check your junk mail if it has not
arrived in your Inbox



Step 2

Click on the “click this
link” link within the email

Step 3

Step 3: Choose the account type
you would like to register with.
Be aware that SIMS ID can't be

Check your name and click on the Register button

Answer the security question – this will usually be the date of birth for one of your children, following the
format of dd/mm/yyyy. For example 26/02/2005

Step 4

After clicking on the
Verify button you might see the
“Registration – Account
Verification” screen for a few
seconds. That is OK

Once complete, you have registered and are logged in to the web version of the Parent App
From here you have two options. The preferred one is to install the SIMS Parent App from the Google Play store or
from the Apple store. Or you can use the web version of the Parent App which can be accessed from

Setting up the SIMS Parent App;
Step 1: Go to the Google Play store or the Apple store and search for SIMS Parent
Step 2: Install the App...
Step 3: Open the App
Step 4: After the welcome screen you might get the Sign In page. If so then click on the Sign In button which will
take you back to the page that you saw during registration. On the Choose Account Type page select the option
you registered with and login using your credentials
Step 5: The Parent App welcome screen opens.
From here you can view reports, request updates to contact information, view timetables and see attendance